YouTube For Good: Bringing Change to the Social Forefront

The power of the moving image to bring people together is having a global effect that’s never been seen before. Now that we all have access to the same media, can it connect us more strongly?

Hunter Walk, is the Director of Product Management for YouTube who focuses on leveraging YouTube for social good, learning and free expression. In his article Can Online Video Usher In A New Age Of Empathy? , he discusses the power of online media and how our ability to share experiences, convey emotions, sights and sounds to people around the globe is effectively creating a powerful platform for social change.

Though YouTube For Good is not necessarily it’s own program, Hunter explains, “It’s really more about YouTube as a whole than a separate program. It’s comprised of some efforts to ensure that nonprofits, educators, and activists are as successful on YouTube as entertainers, comedians, and athletes.”

By accessing the YouTube Nonprofit Program, organizations can utilize resources and information to learn how to best leverage their videos and messages to the social media universe. YouTube also released the “Playbook For Good” to help activate your cause, tell a compelling story, and launch an effective campaign on YouTube.

By promoting nonprofits and stories of those looking to make a difference, like the “World Water Day Video” featured below, YouTube For Good hopes to “move some of these types of users from people’s back lobe to their frontal lobe.”

Why YouTube for Good? Hunter says it’s “Because the values of our team and our community are expressed in the work we do, and being intentful, saying that using YouTube to improve the human condition is just as important as using YouTube to entertain, those are values we want to support beyond rhetoric.”

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