I’m not one to take a sappy look back on the past before we ring in a new year, but 2012 has left me feeling a little sentimental, so…

2012 – the year of taking chances. Looking back on 2012, it was my year of transformation – deciding to leave behind the life I knew in a small town for the idea of something greater in the city. With no job, no prospects, and two of the greatest people I have ever met, I left the comforts and routine of the place that had seen my greatest highs and my greatest lows and made a decision to change my life.

Seeing the way it’s played out so far; I recognize the people and things I lost, but am so grateful for the new friends and family I’ve gained. I am thankful for the he exciting opportunities and experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise and the realization of how it’s all taught me so much about myself.

My vow, to 2013 does not involve any life-changing plans, crazy resolutions or promises to myself that I’m not sure I can keep. It does not include dwelling on past mistakes, or writing out a plan of things in my life I want to change or wish to be different. Quite simply, I vow to continue on the path I have started, to be adaptable and keep an open mind. I vow to enjoy each day, the highs and the lows, and enjoy the lessons I learn and people I meet along the way; and to take one minute each day to remind myself that these are the only real things that matter.


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