“The Era of Cognitive Systems” – Computers that think like humans?

Cognitive Computing IBM
Image IBM.com/Synapse

In a recent article by Paul Bloom, IBM’s Telecom Research, he discusses the new era of computing systems, those that actually take into account our physical human senses. IBM has released information on it’s new cognitive computing project called “Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE)”, where they explain the belief that a computer CAN be made to think like a human. If someone has posed this question even a couple years ago, you might have thought it’s possible one day in the distant future, but IBM says “how about 5 years from now.”

“By reproducing the structure and architecture of the brain—the way its elements receive sensory input, connect to each other, adapt these connections, and transmit motor output—the SyNAPSE project models computing systems that emulate the brain’s computing efficiency, size and power usage without being programmed.”

In a series of “Cognitive Computing” videos, researchers share 5 predictions that they believe will change our lives over the next five years. Do we believe that we will be able to experience what an object feels like through a smartphone? Will computers be able to understand and interpret what they see? Will a baby monitor be able to tell us exactly what a baby’s cry means? The exponential rate at which it seems computers are “learning” to take on human roles suggests that these predictions might just become a reality, and even faster that we have ever imagined.

Find out more about IBM’s SyNAPSE project.

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