TechnoStress: 5 Quick Fixes to Give Your Brain a Break



Main Entry: technostress
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a feeling of anxiety or mental pressure from overexposure or involvement with (computer) technology
Usage: computing, “technostress,” in’s 21st Century Lexicon. Source, LLC. Accessed: February 13, 2013.

1. Integrate the Old School

Written List

We rely so much on technology in our day-to-day life that we often lose sight of how valuable doing things manually can be. Something as simple as using a pen and paper to make lists, or picking up the telephone instead of writing another email can make a huge impact on shifting focus, and reducing brain strain.

2. Switch It Up

eCard_ProcrastinationTake a walk, stretch your legs, do something different! Changing your surroundings and atmosphere can help you re-gain focus and accomplish tasks more effectively. The brain like any muscle needs rest. Often times, you notice that great ideas can come to you when you’re least expecting it. When we expose ourselves to new surroundings or find a change of scenery for few minutes, we can access other parts of our brain that may have been lying dormant before.

3. Stay Hydrated


Sound too easy? The link between water and stress reduction is well documented. All of our organs, including our brains, need water to function properly. If you’re dehydrated, your body isn’t running well — and that can lead to stress. more >

Like other muscles, eyes need water to stay hydrated in order to prevent strain, which can often lead to other annoying problems like headaches and fatigue, so do yourself a favor and keep a glass or jug of water by you all the time. Coffee addict? Make sure you’re alternating between water and caffeinated beverages to stay hydrated.

4. Want to Improve Focus? Look at Cute Baby Animals

SONY DSCIn a recent paper PLOS ONE published by researchers at the University of Hiroshima in Japan, it’s suggested that looking at pictures of baby animals could actually improve your concentration and focus. In three experiments, people who looked at pictures of cute baby animals outperformed people who looked at pictures of adult animals and people who looked at neutral objects. Researchers concluded that “viewing cute images has a positive effect on behavioral performance in tasks that require carefulness. The effect occurred not only in the motor domain but also in the perceptual domain.”

5. Have Fun

Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun. – Colleen C. Barrett

Done 032a

Stress triggers are different for everyone, so find simple things that make your day that much more enjoyable. Find a fun motto that motivates you to crush tasks and see the bigger picture. My personal favourite and iPhone wallpaper…

Life Throat Punch

Want more? Check out 10 Cures for TechnoStress by Julie Carlson via Remodelista

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