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Can Facebook at work revolutionize productivity?

Facebook’s CEO Ryan Holmes suggested earlier this year that deploying a version of the social media giant at work is really a no-brainer. Based on the major success of Slack and a slew of similar platforms being released — will Workplace be able to overcome the hurdles of employee engagement, and address traditional adoption challenges to revolutionize the way we work?

Fast Company’s Rich Bellis explores.

You already wastespend a lot of time on Facebook while you’re at work, don’t you? Your boss may be fine with that—and might soon actually require it.

Last week the social network launched Workplace, its answer to Slack, HipChat, and other collaborative work platforms designed to cut back on email and boost productivity. But since so many people regularly scroll their newsfeeds to distract themselves from work, does it make sense to try to use Facebook for work? Here are cases for and against this latest development.

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