Printer Orchestra Plays Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Amazing! An orchestra of obsolete printers, modems, copiers, and other computer equipment performs Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin’” in this Brother commercial directed by Chris Cairns. In order to make the orchestra, London-based studio Is This Good? modified 97 pieces of computer equipment to make sounds based on MIDI commands—see the making-of video:

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What Obama’s Victory Means for Tech

Internet Freedom

Obama believes the United States ought to preserve the “fundamental integrity of the Internet as an open and transparent system.” He opposed the widely-despised anti-counterfeiting Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, on the grounds that it posed a risk to Internet freedom and online free speech. The White House later threatened to veto a controversial House-backed cybersecurity bill, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Information Act, or CISPA, on similar grounds. Read full post > What Obama’s Victory Means for Tech.

Finally, Instagram Hits the Web!

As a self-proclaimed Instagram addict, I was more than happy to see that finally, the masterminds behind Instagram have launched a way to access personal galleries with their new profile pages. Although this feature does not allow anyone to upload photos unless using the app from an Android or iOS device, it provides another link for Instagram users including those who use it as a business tool to spread their reach in the social realm. To access your profile, just attach your username to the URL.

eg. … followers welcome!

Benefits for Marketers? “A picture is worth a thousand words”
In my opinion, I think this new profile system is a great way for companies that have a great focus on retail consumerism to spread their reach in a way that isn’t accomplished by forms of social media that are currently being utilized. Marketers have already embraced Instagram in giving their followers an brief inside look at new products and special promotions, however this is mainly done in small doses. When a company tweets an Instagram photo, or posts it to their Facebook page, a user becomes engaged in the brand for a brief moment unless they choose to navigate to another website or information resource. By promoting an Instagram profile page as opposed to a stand-alone photo, a user has the opportunity to become engaged by more content and may find something else that catches their eye. Opening Instagram up to more than just the mobile realm seems like the missing piece of the puzzle for utilizing this channel as a whole for social media marketing. The key to success? Finding creative ways for brands to share pages and providing enough content to keep followers returning.

Embracing Technology in School, a Higher Standard?

I recently read an article, “English Teacher Rethinks Grammar Lessons” in which a teacher has created an app for students where they are asked a series of questions in quiz form and manipulate the text to correct grammatical errors. This got me thinking about my days in high school, and how much different the educational landscape is now than it was 10 years ago…

Mobile technology has grown exponentially within the past few years, and it seems more and more that we are hearing of ways in which traditional practices such as medicine or teaching have embraced these new ways of operating. At first I thought, it just seems wrong to have kids playing on phones or tablets in the classroom. Many conventionalists would agree, there is no room in the space of young minds for this kind of influence. As I’ve come to think more about it, we are in the era of technological transition. This is the time where the world is catching up with what science and technology provided us.

I think most people like to stick to traditional ways of doing things because let’s face it, change is scary. Advancements in technology that would have seemed like foreign concepts just a few years ago are now a reality. But isn’t this the way of evolution? That the very foundation of what we know slowly changes over time, only now it seems the speed of transition has been expedited. If we chose to embrace technology in classrooms and explore the ways in which it can make teaching more efficient or perhaps advanced, we may be able to revolutionize the way it is that we learn. Is this really such a bad thing?

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